Making money while you sleep is a LIE

Man Sleeping On Bed With Bundle Of Currency Notes

There are a lot of interesting things that happen while we’re sleeping each night…



Animals hanging out…

Scandalous TV shows on Showtime…

Just to name a few.

But one thing that usually DOESN’T happen, is “making money.”

(Contrary to what the gurus want you to think.)

After all, making money comes from work, and how can we be working while we sleep?

Now you might be confused…

Isn’t the goal of an online business, to build something that makes you money 24/7, whether you’re working or not?

While there’s much more to it, the short answer is YES.

But that money that comes in while you’re sleeping, is money you actually earned from the hard work you ALREADY put in to your business. 

John works hard today, and builds systems that allow him to make sales 24/7. 

John makes sales while he’s sleeping. 

John makes money in his sleep. 

The payoff for all of John’s hard work happens 24/7, including while he’s sleeping. 

So technically, YES, you can make money while you sleep.

But the truth is, you earned that money from all the hard work you did leading up to that point.

Let me show you why I’m bringing this up…


That’s a student inside our Store Implementation Program. 

And it’s almost like I can see him having a “light bulb” moment.

After all, it’s a good feeling when you wake up and have about $100 in sales before 6am.

Most businesses have “open” and “close” times, and they only make money during those windows. 

But an online business gives you the flexibility to generate revenue around the clock.

So I want to challenge you a bit…

Each day when you’re working, take a second to reflect on what you’re doing. 

Are you building systems that will help you long term?

Is the work you’re doing today, something that will payoff not just now, but in the future as well?

It would be insulting if I pretended like all the work you do should have a long term impact.

The reality is that many times, we have to do work that impacts us just here and now.

But if you make a conscious effort to develop systems and build a business that’s “open” 24/7, it can be a very rewarding thing…

A little tip you might find valuable…

One thing I do a lot is write broadcast emails, and then turn that email into a blog post (like this one), AND put it into an automated sequence for future subscribers.

This way I write it once, but it works for me long term.

If you’re not doing this, try it out!