My golf game is WACK (found out why)

Golf club and golf ball about to tee off against a blue sky

Have you ever found yourself getting WORSE at something as life goes on?

Maybe you run slower…

Can’t lift as much…

Or just can’t handle the bar scene as well as you used to.

For me, it was golf.

But the thing is, golf isn’t one of those things where you should get worse over time. In fact, the more you play, the better you should get.

My problem is I would play golf sporadically, so over time, I picked up bad habits and got worse.

So what did I do…?

Watched YouTube videos of course! 

All these training videos, lessons, and more — all with the hope of finding out how to get good at golf again.

Finally I caved…

I was sick of trying to figure it all out myself, so I signed up for a YEAR’S worth of golf lessons.

And like two lessons in, my instructor identified all the flaws in my swing. Even better, he gave me drills to do each day to eliminate these flaws, and a game plan I could follow as I worked to improve.

Each week, I’m getting better and better.

But it wouldn’t have happened if I kept trying to figure it all out myself.


That’s a client inside our Store Implementation Program. 

Her eCommerce game was sorta like my golf game…

She already had a store (I already knew how to play golf).

She was struggling to find direction, with so much information online (me too — YouTube is full of golf videos).

After doing it “on her own” for three months, she finally decided to get help (yep, kinda like me, although I’m ashamed to say I tried to improve my golf game myself for a lot longer than three months).

And 4 weeks into the program, she’s crushin’ it! (…I may never be Tiger Woods, but I’m improving too).

A little reality check (and some notes):

– Don’t expect to open a store or join a program and make $3000+ in a couple weeks. This is the exception, not the norm.

– This isn’t all profit, which is why she’s working to reduce her cost per purchase.

– My chipping game is pretty sick now.

– My irons are on point too.

What’s cool though, is just like coaching and instruction has helped my golf game get better, coaching and instruction has helped her become more successful with her eCommerce store.

What about you?

Are you content doing this stuff on your own?

If so, that’s cool.

Contrary to what many might say, I think it’s fine if you wanna do all this yourself. Who am I to tell you what to do?

But for others, they DO want that coaching and instruction. And if that’s something you find valuable, with the understanding that this stuff takes a lot of work, click the link below and get on our calendar.