[PART 2] CASE STUDY – From $0 to $50,000: The Step-By-Step Breakdown

How it all began…

As I stated above, Daniel had been a customer of Digital Traffic Ace in the past, and had seen my emails promoting our Store Implementation Program.

With other things happening in his life, he never felt like it was the right time to apply.

One day he did, and his motivations for wanting to join really stuck out to me…


Compare this to other responses we get on a regularly basis…

Things like, “I know I can make a lot of money and I’m excited.”

Big difference — Daniel was VERY clear why he thought he’d be a good fit.

And he backed it up…

Once Daniel applied, our team got on a call with him to discuss his background, current business ventures, his short term and long term goals, and how our program might fit in.

We decided Daniel was a perfect fit and he felt the same way.

He immediately joined the program and was ready to give it 110%.

He even put his goals in writing and circled the date on his calendar.


Week 1

Each new student in the Store Implementation Program has a KICKOFF CALL with their very own personal coach.

This allows us to immediately find the areas where each student needs help the most, and make sure we can customize our support to them in the best way possible.

Not only that, we discuss important milestones, proper mindset, and even assign homework for the student to complete within the next 7 days.

Daniel had his call, and instantly went to work on the first week of content.

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