[PART 3] CASE STUDY – From $0 to $50,000: The Step-By-Step Breakdown

Product Research

In Week 1, the biggest thing a student accomplishes is using multiple research techniques to find products they can test.

Some of our strategies include:

-Searching for IDEAS that can then lead to products.

-Looking at what’s selling on other websites.

-Looking at other successful stores and niches.

-Using Google research tools.

-And more…

Daniel gathered an initial list of products to test.

Building the Store

Along with researching products, each student gets their store built in their first week or two.

They work with a coach to get their domain, theme, apps installed, payment integration setup, products listed, and more.

We are able to replicate what we’ve seen work, and hand that information to students.

So within 5-7 days Daniel had researched products and had them in a store ready to sell.

Next step, run Facebook ads :).

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