[PART 4] CASE STUDY – From $0 to $50,000: The Step-By-Step Breakdown

Week 2

This is where the fun begins :).

You have a store up, you have products listed, and now you want to run traffic and make sales.

And as you probably already know, we do that through Facebook advertising.

We generally recommend our students test 3-5 different products at a time.

We also recommend giving each product 48-72 hours worth of testing before making a decision on it.

Daniel instantly began running Facebook ads to his Shopify store, to figure out which of his products might be “winners.”

As is very common, he made a few sales, but a big WINNER did not stand out immediately.

Weeks 3-4

At this point, Daniel had tested multiple products, and his best product had made 6 sales.

Not bad, but not what we look for in a “winning product.”

So we advised him to test some new products.

By this time, he had tested somewhere around 13-14 products.

If that seems like a lot, then you probably want to explore a different business model than Shopify :).

While there are proven ways to find products to sell, there’s no telling how that product will perform for YOU until you run Facebook ads to your store and see how people interact.

That’s why we help each student find dozens of products to test, so they aren’t “falling in love” with a single product and basing their entire business on it.

The Breakthrough

Using a little tip we give students when it comes to product research, Daniel identified a new product he wanted to test.

And little did he know that THIS one would be his big winner.

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