[PART 5] CASE STUDY – From $0 to $50,000: The Step-By-Step Breakdown

The Breakthrough

Using a little tip we give students when it comes to product research, Daniel identified a new product he wanted to test.

And little did he know that THIS one would be his big winner.

It instantly stood out, by making multiple sales within days of launching his ads.

And it kept making sales, for the next 10-14 days…

Week 5


The best part of Daniel’s post is how he continued testing products.

We advise all students to continue testing products, even if they think they’ve found their winner.

Worst case scenario?

You have TWO winning products :).

Along with that, we also helped Daniel with some ways to scale his winning campaigns.


We teach multiple scaling strategies, but some of them include:

-Using various Lookalike Audiences and percentages.

-Combining interests, and varying the sizes of interests we target.

-Duplicating what’s working, and making slight changes to the ad set.

-Many more…

Just 1-2 scaling techniques allowed Daniel to quickly get up to $300+ per day in sales.

Week 6

Throughout Weeks 3-6, we cover other topics besides scaling.

Things like outsourcing, daily operations, finding complimentary products, maximizing sales, and more.

But Daniel was laser-focused on scaling up as big and as fast as possible.


Maybe you didn’t catch it, but there’s a HUGE golden nugget in that screenshot above.

Click here to see what it is, and how Daniel used it to quickly scale to $1000+ in sales per day [Go to Part 6].