Product of the Week: Apple Watch Accessories

If you’re not into Apple watches, that’s understandable, because they’re not for everyone.

After all, who needs a costly watch that measures your heart rate, counts steps, tracks sleep, tracks workouts, lets you reply to text messages, works as an alarm clock and does a bunch of other things?

Apparently a lot of people :).

Turns out, a growing number of people do like them, and that’s a good thing:

This is a headline from 2020:

Apple Watch Grabs Over Half Of All Smartwatch Revenue As Sector Grows By 20%

In other words, in the middle of the pandemic, Apple sold more smartwatches than all their competitors combined, AND their sales grew by 20% year-over-year.

In the first part of 2021, Apple still held 33.5% of the global smartwatch market, according to Apple Insider.

So, we have a product that is most likely bought by people who seem to have disposable income… so chances are, they might be interested in buying accessories for this product.

Let’s see if there’s any interest in Apple Watch bands:

The data never lies!

There’s some steady growth year over year, with the usual holiday spikes.

Now… that leads to our next question.

Where can we find Apple Watch bands to dropship?

Glad you asked!

Definitely not sites like AliExpress…

Instead, there’s a Shopify app we really like and recommend to our clients, called Spocket.

Once you install the app from here, and you sign up for their 14-day trial, you can search for all sorts of products.

I like to filter US products only, but you can search products shipped from the EU as well:



As you can see, there are quite a few Apple watch accessories you can sell at price points that make them a potential impulse purchase.

We recommend prices between $25 and $50.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t sell them at higher price points!

People can and will spend more on luxury items.

Let’s look at potential profit margins for a product that costs you $9 and you can sell for $30:



In this scenario, you could expect a profit margin of around 20%, out of a revenue of $54,000.

What if you manage to sell a higher end version, which costs you $50, but you charge $100 for?

Obviously, a product like that might cost you more per conversion.

Let’s look at that scenario in our Dropshipping Calculator:



Even though we’re expecting to pay more in ad spend for each sale, the profit margin is now 27%…

But check this out…

The sales volume and the profit are more than DOUBLE, compared to the lower-end product.

Hint: Don’t hesitate to add more expensive products to your store!

They have two important benefits:

– When someone buys them, you make more money.

– By comparison, they make your regularly-priced items a lot more affordable.

By the way, watch bands aren’t the only Apple Watch accessory you can sell.

There are chargers, docks and cases.

Here’s a charger that I kinda like:



Oh… and here’s a case I like too.

Check it out.



Look at that!

A few minutes of research, and now I’ve got some cool products to sell to Apple Watch enthusiasts :).

Wrapping up: I hope you enjoyed this edition of Product of the Week!

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