Q > S < P: Which do you choose?

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Recently I was having lunch with a Best-Selling author. 

This is one smart dude…

Along with his book, he speaks around the country at sales conferences, consults large organizations, and still heads up sales teams locally.

Even better, he’s not in the “online” world, so his sales strategies have been tested in countless areas…phone, in-home sales, door-to-door, etc.

A bit different than the guy you saw in some FB group this morning, bragging about making a sale via a webinar ;).

He’s been in sales for about 50 years, and knows a thing or two about sellin’.

The best part of the conversation, was hearing how he overcomes objections. And this is stuff that would work for sales pages, in-person sales, or even eCom stores.

In other words, over 50 years of selling, he’s learned how to eliminate the word “maybe” from the vocabulary of his prospects and leads.

If it ain’t a yes, it’s a no. But most of the time, it’s gonna be a big, fat YES!

And one strategy he shared with me about making more sales and overcoming objectives, had to do with giving your prospects OPTIONS…

And he broke it down so simply for me…

Jeremy, regardless of what you’re selling, you’ve always gotta let your audience know that there’s THREE components to any product or service. 

There’s PRICE, of course. 

There’s the QUALITY of the product. 

And then there’s the SERVICE you get.

But here’s the thing…

You can’t have all three. You can have two of the three, but it’s virtually impossible to have all three. And your prospects need to know that. 

Look at some of the nicest cars in the world: Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini…

The quality of those cars is amazing. And the service you get before and after buying one is top-notch. But the price…they ain’t competing on price. You’re gonna pay for a vehicle like that. So you get quality and service, but not price. 

You can apply this same concept to anything you’re selling or buying.

Let’s say you step into McDonald’s for lunch.

Price? Yeah…they are cheap and can beat almost any lunch spot on price.

Quality? ……….

Service? Maybe hit or miss.

So in your communications and sales messages with your potential customers, always remember…

You can have two of the above, but you can’t have all three. 

And you need to communicate this in your marketing.

Let your audience know which categories you fall into.

Because there’s people willing to pay for EACH component, which is why you might see one course on Facebook ads selling for $7 and another selling for $5000.

The first one has PRICE, and might even have quality…but I betcha it struggles on the service side, with tons of $7 buyers.

And many people are okay with that, because they just want a cheap course they can learn from.

The second one likely has QUALITY and SERVICE, but it definitely doesn’t compete on price.

And there’s people that like that, because they value quality and service more than price.

So regardless of what you’re selling, keep in mind the strategy above. 

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