Sell on Amazon? Check out what THIS guy did!

Know Perry Yu?

He’s a Graduate of our coaching program, and today I wanna spotlight his story.  

Before working with us, Perry was an Amazon seller.


– He was concerned about relying solely on Amazon for his traffic and sales. He knew that Amazon could technically “pull the rug” from underneath him at any time.
– He wanted to diversify and take control of his traffic by learning Facebook ads.
– He wanted to build his own brand(s) OFF Amazon, to diversify.

So… he went searching, and found us 🙂

Here’s a timeline: 

  • Perry decided he wanted to diversify, so he chose to start a Shopify store… with the hopes it would turn into a business that could provide some additional income for him.
  • He’s a smart dude, so after a little while, he was able to get a Shopify store to about $50 – $150 per day in sales by himself.
  • But he couldn’t scale! He was stuck… 🙁
  • So he booked a call with our team to discuss our program. ☏
  • He saw the value in getting on 1:1 calls with our team, having us review his ads account, and more. So he enrolled in our program.
  • Within weeks, we gave Perry the clarity he needed to grow his store. Told him what audiences to create, how to scale his ads, and more.
  • Most importantly… he implemented! 
  • Pretty soon after… Perry had his first six-figure month. ?
  • He then had several other six-figure months. ?
  • He bought his own island, sails around the world, and blows his nose with $100 bills. ?

(Okay… I made that last part up.)

What I meant to say was… Perry showed that with hard work and the right mindset, AMAZING things are possible with an online store.

Perry is one of my favorite stories from our program. 

The dude is motivated, driven, and seizes opportunity when it presents itself. Results like this aren’t typical, but neither are people like Perry.

I recently reached out to him, and asked what he would say to anyone interested in joining our program.

Here’s what he said:

“To anyone wanting to start and grow a successful (Shopify) store or learn Facebook ads for e-commerce, I highly recommend checking out SIP. I’ve been in a lot of masterminds and coaching programs prior, but SIP really blew me away with the level of care and support they provide. 

I’ve found that many coaching programs will say they offer quick support, but you end up having to sit through the weekly webinar, or post to a facebook group, or send in an email and by the time you get an answer, you already figured out the solution. What I liked about SIP was that I could reach out to my coaches when I had a question hot on my mind. In most cases, I was able to get it addressed almost immediately which allowed me to reduce friction and move much faster. This was a big reason for how we were able to achieve the results we did in such a short period of time. 

The way SIP is organized and run is really something special and I highly recommend checking it out if you are looking for that high-level coaching.”

Love it.

Stories like Perry make me grateful for what I do.

If you are determined to start and grow a successful Shopify store… and want the SAME coaching and support Perry got, here’s what to do:

1. Click here and schedule a call with us.
2. Pick up the phone at your scheduled time, and tell us about your experience with eCommerce, your goals, and more.
3. Let’s mutually determine if we’re a good fit to work together towards your goals.

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