(Seriously) Ethan Made His First Sale WITHOUT Ad Spend

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So last week I told you about Ethan.

He’s a new client of mine in a small segment of the real estate niche.

Ethan has built an email list of around 10,000 people.

And he has a core product he sells.

But that was all he had.

If people didn’t buy his core product, he had nothing else to sell them. 

So on our first coaching call, I ripped apart Ethan’s funnel.

I took an eBook he’d been giving away for free, and made it a $7 product.

I then took a blog post he had on his site, and turned it into a lead magnet.

So now his funnel looks like this:

Lead Magnet > $7 Offer > Core Offer (up to $189).

Ethan didn’t even have time to turn his Facebook ads on because he’s traveling.

Here’s the crazy part…

Just from his organic website traffic, people are already going to his website, downloading the lead magnet, buying the $7 offer AND buying the core offer.

Before he had a 20 day email sequence to get people to buy his core offer.

Now it’s happening within 5 minutes of people going to his website!

Imagine what’ll happen when we actually turn ads on and drive targeted traffic to his site. 

And imagine what’ll happen when we incorporate retargeting, email marketing, and NEW offers.

Moral of the story?

Take some time to make sure you’re MAXIMIZING the profit in your business. 

Give your audience MULTIPLE entry points to your products and services.

You may just stumble into some money you didn’t know existed.

All this stuff may seem overwhelming, so if you need someone to walk you step-by-step through doing these things in YOUR business, let’s talk:

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