She fired her agency, then her store took off ?

Hope your day is going well. This was recently posted in our community, and I wanted to share it with you!


– Student had a store. 

– Selling products in a cool niche.  

– Doing a couple grand a month. 

– Couldn’t scale. 

– Tried hiring agencies. 

– It didn’t work out. 

– Joined our coaching program (yay). 


– Launched some new ads with our team. 

– DOUBLED her normal sales volume (image below). 

– Looking to scale even more. 


– I think agencies are great. 

– I still do some traditional agency work. 

– But nothing beats 1:1 personalized support and feedback. 

Want our team to help you grow your store too? 

– Are you coachable? 

– Are you resourceful? 

– Are you willing to invest in yourself? 

If so, I’m confident we can help. 

Click here to get details and schedule a free call with our team. 

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BTW – We document all the #WINS our clients’ post. 

Here’s several hundred. 

We always have a stash of RECENT posts and case studies (like the one above). Be careful when you see a guru showing only their 2018 results. There’s probably a reason why…