Steal this Unconventional Marketing Strategy!

Today I’m gonna share a “sneaky” resource you can use to find AMAZING ads you can model in your business. And we’ll discuss the BIG concepts that make them so effective. What’s the resource?

Don’t laugh…

The newspaper.

  • I can keep up with everything happening in the world.
  • I only spend 10-15 mins skimming headlines/articles.
  • And over the years, I’ve discovered it’s a great way to learn about advertising!

Call me a dinosaur if you want… but I still read the newspaper every single morning.

To me… the big businesses that use print advertising are pretty dialed in with their marketing campaigns.

I learn a ton from their copy, positioning, and more. For example, check out this advertisement I saw in my Sunday paper, and then I’ll break it down below:

THE PRODUCT: A nice-looking watch being sold for $29.

THE PRICE: Normally priced at $199.

LOGICAL SALES ANGLE: A great, high-quality watch at an absurdly low price. Save tons of money on a product with high-perceived value!

EMOTIONAL SALES ANGLE: They’ve used the “US versus THEM” selling psychology.

US = You, the consumer, who deserves a good watch at a reasonable price.

THEM = The companies / brands that sell overpriced watches.

Phrases such as, “Time to take a stand against overpriced watches.” And in the first paragraph: “Why shell out big money so some foreign company can sponsor another yacht race?”

RISK-REVERSAL: They say you can wear it for 30 days, and if you aren’t satisfied, send it back for a refund of the item price.

Fair enough… there’s no risk, right?

SCARCITY: “The Urban Blue is one of our fastest sellers. It takes six months to engineer this watch so don’t wait. Take a stand against overpriced watches in impeccable style. Limited to the first 1900 responders of this ad only. Don’t miss out… call today!”

They are basically saying it sells out fast and takes a long time to make new ones, so order NOW.

SOCIAL PROOF: The 5-stars on the top left, and then: “Are you kidding? What a great watch at a ridiculous price. Thank you Stauer!”

Also, everyone wants to feel included, and like they are part of the cool kids club. So you also have what looks to be a quote from WatchTime magazine:

“Blue watches are one of the growing style trends seen in the watch world in the past few years.”

^^ A.K.A… Wanna be trendy? Wear this watch!

What Did You Think of This Breakdown?

Seeing advertisements like this and studying them has always been fascinating to me. There’s soooo much you can learn by picking apart different pieces of an ad. Imagine if you chose to sell watches in your online store.

You now have a blueprint for targeting, messaging, price positioning, risk-reversal, and more. You can use those insights to make more sales!

Speaking of Selling Watches, I’m not done yet!

What if you DID want to find some high-quality watches to sell in your online store? Not from AliExpress or the typical dropship sites… but from real, genuine USA suppliers?

Well… using one of my quick search techniques, I found this site:

They’re a watch distributor and manufacturer that offers dropshipping.


While I know nothing about this specific company… I DO know a bunch of sites like this exist, and they are looking to work with people like YOU.