In Their Own Words: Julia Sousa, SIP Graduate

Digital Traffic Ace Reviews: Julia’s Journey

Sometimes the most powerful stories, are those written by actual students and clients here at Digital Traffic Ace. That’s why today I’m proud to share with you the story of Julia Sousa, an entrepreneur who graduated from our Store Implementation Program. Below is her story, in her own words. But first…

What is the Store Implementation Program?

Before we tell you Julia’s amazing story…here’s a bit of background on SIP (Store Implementation Program).

What do you get when you blend 1-on-1 time, with world class coaches + personal guidance + done-with-you elements + advertising genius + mindset superstardom + accountability + all of the PROVEN steps to eCom success?

Enter SIP…


Start to finish – we’ve got you covered.

There’s nothing like it when it comes to coaching in the eCommerce world.


No contest.

It’s all of the elements necessary for success, packed in to one game-changing program.

Don’t get us wrong, you have to work at this.

But you just can’t get the personal touch SIP provides anywhere else.

Let’s Get Real

You’ve seen it all when it comes to eCommerce and drop shipping. 

You’ve heard the hype. But RESULTS are what it’s all about.  And we’ve got plenty of them :).

We don’t mean to brag, (well, we kinda do…) but the proof is in the pudding.

Our success stories speak for themselves.

Our most impactful stories are always written by actual students & clients who have found success through the Store Implementation Program.

Enter Julia…

She’s a total rockstar and makes us look great.

We’re honored to have her share her story…in her very own words. 

Let’s go!  

That’s Julia 🙂


Before I made the decision to join SIP, I’d been testing ads on different advertising platforms.

But I wasn’t seeing the results that I knew were possible.

I wasn’t a total newbie, but I did know that I needed to take my business to the next level.

And that means mentorship.

I had been contemplating which coaches in the industry I wanted to partner with, and SIP seemed perfect for my needs and goal set.

Jeremy’s email wasn’t the normal type I received in my inbox.

He made it clear that I would only be successful by working hard and pairing up with real people who had already been rocking the eCom world.

After one email from Jeremy, I knew that the best thing I could do for my business would be to partner with a team of high-end professionals who were intimately focused on my productivity…and my triumph over the Facebook beast!

(Jeremy’s Note:  SIP likes to focus on personal support to build foundational skill sets. We feel REAL breakthroughs come through 1-on-1 support…not just by watching some videos.)

“Jumped Right In”

As soon as I made the commitment, I jumped right in. I streamlined my success by fully engaging in the course and focusing on following through with every instruction meticulously.

I made sure I was getting my money’s worth by utilizing support on a consistent basis and being diligent about listening to instructions.

It was super helpful to have some guidance on the specific types of road blocks I was experiencing.

SIP helped me to be informed about how to move forward and do things the right way.

No more wasted time spent scouring the internet for the next big tip.

I realized that naturally, when you align yourself with quality mentors and do your part, the sales start coming in.

Then you become more committed and interested in making it all happen.

Following the steps really works.

It’s fantastic when the penny finally drops!

SIP made that happen for me.

(Jeremy’s Note: Our team members are experts in every area of starting and growing an eCommerce business.)

Success Arrives

Honestly I don’t want to sound like I’m only giving my testimonial because I love the coaches at SIP…even though I absolutely do!

But I could have never set up my store so successfully and quickly without the guidance of SIP.

I had been attempting to figure it out for months.

I watched a ton of YouTube videos.

I read a bunch of different PDFs.

I’d really been doing my due diligence, but the fact is you can’t find all the info you need for free online.

If you try to go after it on your own, you can burn out.

There’s so much information everywhere, and having the little tips you can’t find anywhere else hand-fed to you by the SIP team, really makes a huge difference.

It was immeasurably helpful and the catalyst to my success.

My point is, I authentically enjoyed every aspect of the course.

It provided everything I needed to sky rocket my eCom business through the roof!

Update: Where Julia is Today

Through her hard work and dedication, Julia built her first store into a six-figure business!

She then decided rather than drop shipping, she wanted to start designing and manufacturing her own products. At last check…Julia opened a new store, and was exploring various ways to price and sell her initial one. (Jeremy’s Note: Building a successful store and selling it, is a goal many people strive for.) The best part is…she now knows what a high-converting store looks like, what types of products people will buy, how to setup good Facebook ads, how to manage the business, and more. These lessons will be applied to her new store. She learned it all step-by-step!

Her Advice

My best advice to someone who is thinking about joining SIP is to treat this course like a business and to not get lost in the process.

(Jeremy’s Note: It’s pretty annoying seeing so many people talk about eCommerce like it’s some “quick cash hobby.” It’s a REAL business, just like any other business. Treat it that way if you want the best chance at success.)

I took advantage of every resource given to me in the program and was proactive throughout each step.

You have to be personally aware and understand what a big piece of the puzzle your actions are to your success.

Working in a home atmosphere can also be overwhelming. 

There are so many emotions and processes that you’re a part of.

But working with a team made a tremendous difference.

There is so much to be said about having someone to trust and to count on when you get stuck or overwhelmed. Being held accountable is so powerful!

(Jeremy’s Note: Julia set a great example of what’s possible with SIP. She took advantage of our weekly calls. She emailed support every day. This individualized support is a big piece of success & why we have it in place.)

Regardless of your current skill set, there are a wealth of strategies and many gems of information, if you’ll only take advantage of all the incredible resources offered to you with your investment.

I’ve felt tremendously empowered to take my business to the next level by incorporating my ideas along with what I’ve learned from the awesome coaches in the program.

There is no way I could be where I am without Jeremy and his team of incredible coaches.

Sincerely, Julia


What to Do Next

If you’re reading this, my assumption is you already have a store… OR you’re looking to start one. You might be motivated by these results, and want some help. If so…

Over the last few years, we’ve helped HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs launch and grow their own eCommerce stores. 

But… as you’ve likely learned, we like to do things a bit differently.

We don’t focus on short team hacks… we focus on long-term strategies. And we don’t insult your intelligence by pretending this is easy and you’ll become a millionaire overnight. We’re a REAL, professional organization, that helps entrepreneurs grow their online stores.

And we do it through 0ur done-with-you program.

Click here to get full details on our done-with-you program.

Thanks again for taking time to read this case study.

I hope you got some value out of it ?