The DNA results are in…


It’s an interesting phenomenon…

Even when we know EXACTLY how to do something, many times we don’t do it. 

This morning I was reading this article:

Basically, it’s discussing how you can now buy DNA tests that identify your genetic risks for certain diseases or conditions.

So you’d assume if you had ALL the information on your risks, you’d make lifestyle changes to avoid those potential issues…right?


Here’s what researchers learned about people who buy these DNA tests:

Getting the DNA information produced no significant effect on diet, physical activity, drinking alcohol, quitting smoking, sun protection or attendance at disease-screening programs.

That fits with other results showing that, on balance, getting the information “has little if any impact on changing routine or habitual behaviors,” said psychologist Theresa Marteau of Britain’s Cambridge University, a study author.

Think about that…

Even when people KNEW they were at risk of something, and they KNEW what they could do to potentially avoid it, they still took no action and made no changes. 

But this really isn’t that surprising.

In fact, it mimics how many of us operate inside our businesses as well.

You see — there really is no “secret” to success when it comes to running an online business. In fact, most of the information you need is readily available online for free or very cheap.

You could watch countless YouTube videos, read countless blogs, and purchase countless $10 courses on any topic you want.

But that alone isn’t enough to make you take action and change your behavior when it comes to operating your business.

So what DOES create change then?

Well, what we’ve learned is that people like environments where much of the work is done WITH them and FOR them. 

Environments where OTHER people are working alongside them, all striving to achieve the same goals.

In fact, this is why our Shopify Implementation Program has become so popular over the last few years.

After all…

– We help you select your products.

– We basically build your entire store for you.

– We setup ads with you, LIVE on a call.

– We review your ads with you, LIVE on a call.

– We show you how to scale, find new products, handle customer service, outsourcing, and more.

Not to mention answering questions that pop up throughout the day.

So while many of our students already have a great understanding of eCommerce and what they need to do, they really want that SUPPORT system, and team of experts to help them implement. 

If entrepreneurship is in your DNA — and I know it is or you wouldn’t be reading this email — click here and see if working with our team on your eCom business is something you wanna explore. 

The results are in — and people love it :).