The “New” Toilet Paper = Cash Cow

They can’t keep these things in stock… and no, I’m not referring to toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or paper towels. 

(I hope your weekend is going well, BTW…) 

I spent some time this morning reading, and check this article:

WASHINGTON POST: What do bikes and toilet paper have in common? Both are flying out of stores amid the coronavirus pandemic.


The bicycle industry has emerged as one of the few beneficiaries of the novel coronavirus pandemic as people search for ways to stay active, entertain children and commute to work. The unprecedented demand has sent shock waves through the supply chain and left customers in a race to get their hands on a bicycle before they sell out.


Makes sense, right? 

More people than ever are home. They are out walking, jogging, and yes… riding bikes. 

Here’s a Simple Idea For You:

Both items are currently selling well. 

Or you could even take a different approach, and create a funny Print on Demand shirt for people who were ALREADY avid bikers before corona. 

Something like, “I Was Riding My Bike Before It Was the Cool Thing to Do.”

Want Help With the Implementation?

  • I hate saying this, but 99% of people will read this and do nothing.
  • I’m looking for the 1% that’s different.
  • Someone who wants to grow a profitable online store.
  • Who wants a CLEAR and FOCUSED plan to make it happen.
  • And wants a team of experts to implement alongside them. 

Maybe it’s not bike accessories. 

That’s okay. 

Your vision for YOUR store is supposed to be unique. Too many programs out there provide cookie-cutter solutions. 

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