The “Ongoing” Furniture Sale (Wacky, But it Works)


Recently I’ve been in the market for some new office furniture. 

I have an office, but nowadays I mainly work from home. 

Call it laziness or call it convenience, it’s just easier to grab a cup of coffee and work in the room down the hall.


So I head to one of the big furniture stores, to find some office furniture for my house. 

They were running a New Year’s Special on all their furniture pieces.

But they were very clear — it ends on January 4th (which was a few days ago).

January 4th came and went, and I didn’t pull the trigger on the furniture yet.

Come to find out, a NEW sale starts January 5th. 

It’s not a New Year’s Special any longer, but now you get 10% off your entire purchase (…for a limited time of course).

What I realized is that stores like this run sales pretty much DAILY.

It may be a New Year’s Special…

It may be 10% off for a “limited time”…

It may be $500 off any purchase of $2500 or more…

They always have SOMETHING.

The furniture industry isn’t alone in doing this…

If you look at any big store, they always have some type of sale going on.

Sometimes they tie it into a holiday — but other times it’s just “made up.”

So not too long ago, I started doing the same thing in my business.

And it WORKS.

Whether you’re selling:

* Physical products.

* Services.

* Information products.

* Or anything else…

It works.

People like to buy stuff when it’s “tied” to something. 


I cover this EXACT strategy inside the Social Sales Growth Forum.

It’s actually a 2-step approach that uses email marketing + Facebook ads. 

Don’t worry if your email list isn’t big, you can just use Facebook ads. 

But you’ve gotta join the community…

Your wallet will thank you after you run your first “promotion.”

Details here:

Making “Sales” Daily (see what I did there),


About The Author

Jeremy Salem is the President of SmartStep Media, a digital marketing agency, and an author, product creator and online business strategist at Digital Traffic Ace. He is also a diehard sports fan, who constantly paces around the coffee table and screams at the TV during games. Beyond that, he is well-known for paying $22 every three weeks for a haircut, even though he’s been going bald since his senior year of high school. Lastly, his “professional” photo that you see on this website was actually taken by his wife in their kitchen on a random Tuesday morning.