The “same” audience, but it performs completely different…



Maybe you’ve never thought of this before, but give it a shot. 

And if you’re like me, you loveeeee targeting Lookalike Audiences with your Facebook ads.

More specifically, how cool is it that Facebook will create you a lookalike audience of people JUST like your previous buyers?

But wait…

Did you know there’s actually TWO ways to do this, and chances are, they’ll perform differently for you?


Buyer Lookalike #1: 

This is the one you’re probably used to.

FB keeps track of buyers via the “Purchase” event on your pixel.

So once you have enough Purchases, you simply create a lookalike audience off that event.

Simple enough…

But maybe you aren’t also using a second way to do it…

Buyer Lookalike #2: 

Uploading the email addresses (and other info) of your buyers.

So basically you would download a CSV or Txt file of your buyers, and then upload these email addresses to FB.

You’d then create a lookalike audience.


Now these audiences on the surface would seem to be the exact same people.

Let’s say you’re selling a night light.

You create a LAA of everyone who purchased the night light (from the FB event “Purchase”).

You upload the emails of everyone who purchased the night light, and create a LAA.

It’s the same thing…right?

Purchases > LAA

Email Addresses of Purchasers > LAA

Not really, because one audience is created simply off a pixel event firing.

The other is created based off you uploading someone’s email.

So in essence, it’s “two separate audiences” in Facebook. 

One might far outperform the other.

But you’ll need to test and see.

And in a perfect scenario, it’s a way for you to scale :).