These Retail Stores Are Taking “Free Gifts” to a Whole New Level

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I’m all for “bonus stacking,” but this takes things to a whole new level.

Much HIGHER than I’ve ever seen (I really do crack myself up sometimes).

Giving the gift of green in the ‘District of Cannabis’

Here’s the scoop on what’s happening with some retail stores in Washington D.C:

“A 2014 ballot initiative to legalize recreational use passed overwhelmingly. But unlike the eight states that have legalized recreational use, the Washington initiative also maintained it was still illegal to buy or sell the drug.”

In short, the laws in D.C. allow you to use marijuana recreationally, but make it illegal to buy or sell it.

Things that make you go “hmmmmm.”

Here’s the interesting part…

To get around this law, these retail stores are “overpricing” their regular items, and customers get marijuana FREE with their purchase.

John goes to the store and buys a normal black t-shirt…but this one costs $45. 

As John checks out, the clerk drops a little somethin’ extra in his bag. 

The clerk says, “Thank you and here’s a gift for you to have as a souvenir.”

Ironically, this is a GREAT strategy to be used in almost any type of online business. 

Not the weed part, but the BONUS/GIFT part.

If you’re in the marketing world, you’ve undoubtedly been on webinars before.

And what happens at the end?

The bonuses are almost better than the actual product the host is selling!

It’s a tried and tested strategy that has worked for decades. 

In fact, earlier this year we used this exact strategy in an eCommerce store, to take it from “just getting by,” to almost six-figures in a single month.

With each purchase, the customer also got a free piece of jewelry. I can’t speak for each customer, but I’m sure many of them bought the regular item, just to get the jewelry for free.

If anything, it’s an added incentive to buy.

Haven’t tested anything like that yet? 

Well, now’s your chance.

Try it and report back to me.

Who knows how HIGH your sales might go…