This Is Embarrassing (How Did These Guys Sleep At Night?)

Look at these numbers below: 

  • 14,481
  • 12,345
  • 12,230

Do you know what they stand for? 

It’s the number of shots MISSED for three men who play(ed) in the NBA. 

Dude… missing over 10,000 shots?


Well, let’s take a closer look. 

The three players those numbers correspond with are: 

  1. Kobe Bryant
  2. Michael Jordan
  3. LeBron James

Yes… they are in the TOP 10 of most shots missed in NBA history. 

Digital Traffic Ace - Basketball Shots Failure Analogy


But wait… it gets better. 

See how every guy on this list has an asterisk by their name? 

That signifies they are a member of the NBA Hall of Fame. 

The only reason Dirk, LeBron, and Vince don’t have the asterisk, is because they are future Hall of Famers.


  • The most successful people in any industry fail way more often than they succeed.
  • These guys have the most missed shots in NBA history, because they TOOK shots.
  • And the impact of the shots they MADE far outweigh the shots they missed. 

Most people in the marketing world test 1-2 ad campaigns, see they don’t work, quit and say it’s all a big scam. 

What if you made it your goal to have the MOST failed campaigns in Facebook history? 

To have the MOST failed product tests in eCommerce history? 

Think you might stumble upon some success in the meantime ;)?

Have a good day.