Time does indeed = Money (proof inside)

Clock and banknote. Time is money concept

Sometimes cliches are nothing more than….well, cliches.

Other times, they’re actually legitimate life lessons.

Take for example the often used phrase, “Time = Money.”

In a literal sense, what it means is that TIME is valuable — it’s a commodity!

You should respect your time, just like you’d respect anything else of value. 

And wasted time can cost you a lot of $$$.

For example…

Years ago, when I got really good at Facebook advertising, I was trying to figure out how to create a course, teaching others the strategies I was using.

Maybe I could have spent months or years mapping it all out, and become successful.

But instead, I decided to make what was a scary investment at the time. I paid an established marketer 25k (2k/mo for 12 months), to teach me how to do it.

Within a matter of weeks, I had a course outlined, created, and ready to sell.

That course went on to sell nearly 400 copies and generate $192,000 in revenue…

…in 3 days!

Again…maybe I would have eventually figured it all out myself — but at what COST?

I am reminded of the “Time = Money” principal all the time — especially inside our Store Implementation Program.


That mindset you see above is not typical.

This student is kicking himself, because just a few weeks after joining, he’s already having days where he’s making over $500.

And he realizes how much money he’s “lost” over the past year, trying to figure it all out himself.

As one of my own mentors likes to say, every month you aren’t hitting your income goals, you’re paying that amount of money to the “School of Not Knowing.”

So let’s say you feel you’re capable of making an extra $1000 per month.

But you keep fiddling around, and never make it happen.

Each month that passes, you’re “writing a check” for $1000, to the School of Not Knowing.

Because if you knew how to do it, you’d be pulling in an extra 1k each month.

Now I understand that what I’m saying sounds really “dramatic.”

But once this concept seeps into your mind, it’s hard to shake it.

It’s everywhere!

Have you ever paid someone to paint your house?

Ever paid someone to mow your lawn?

Ever tried a meal delivery service?

Ever paid a Personal Trainer to help you get in shape?

If so, these are ALL examples of things you could do yourself. But they take TIME, and you may have decided that your time was more valuable, and better spent doing other things, rather than painting, mowing, cooking, or learning how to get in shape.

And I know what you’re thinking…

But Jeremy…with all those things above, I know exactly what I’m getting. When it comes to investing in my business, I’m unsure of what the results will be. I’m afraid I’ll waste my money.

Fair point…

And I won’t sit here and say that there’s no risk when you invest in your business.

There’s risk in those things above too.

You may hate how the paint looks, your yard may be cut too short, the meals you order may be bland, and the trainer you hire may be average.

But remember, there’s risk in NOT doing things as well. 

And as we learned above, one of the biggest risks, is wasting a lot of TIME.

And as we know…