Uhhh…. a lot can happen in 8 weeks


So I’ve settled into a routine where every morning, I grab a cup of coffee, sit down with my laptop, and look at all the comments from my Facebook ads from the day before.

(I’m talking about the ads for Digital Traffic Ace.)

This is one of the most entertaining portions of my day — seeing people call me all types of names and bicker in the comments.

One of the more common things people will say is, ‘it’s not possible to start an online business and see success in just a few weeks.’

And to them I say, “Uhhh….have you seen The Bachelorette???”

If you aren’t familiar with The Bachelorette or The Bachelor (PLEASE don’t start watching if you haven’t already), they are shows where people meet, fall in love, and get engaged — all in 8 weeks.

So that’s all the proof I need!

If people can meet, live a life of luxury, travel, and fall in love — ALL IN 8 WEEKS — I think it’s possible to throw up a Shopify store and make some sales in that timeframe as well…

But wait, the comparisons don’t stop there!

I hear all the naysayers saying, “But almost all the people who meet on those shows break up or get divorced!”

And you’re right!

And the reason is because (*drumroll please*) ….. relationships take WORK. 

Just like (no drumroll needed) an online business takes WORK. 

So sure — if you expect to throw up a business, dabble for 8 weeks, and cruise into the sunset to live happily ever after, you’re in for a lil’ surprise.

Just like on those shows — after 8 weeks, the work is just beginning. They’ve built a foundation, but they’ve gotta put the work in to grow it.

So YES, you can achieve a lot in 8 weeks with an online business, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ve gotta build on that foundation if you wanna hit goals.

Who’s with me?

Do The Bachelorette and an online business have more in common than you ever imagined?

If falling in love and getting engaged in 8 weeks isn’t your cup of tea, maybe growing your  business IS?

If so, click here and let’s talk.