How to Use Social Media Ads to Bring BUYERS to Your Online Store

Got a Shopify store?

Thinking of starting one?

Or perhaps you’re after that elusive “Winning Product”…

Wherever you’re at in your online store journey, this blog post is going to show you a completely unique way to set up targeting for your ads.

This isn’t fluff or theory — it’s the same strategies our team and clients have used to sell over 1,428,571 product units in our online stores.

When most people think of targeting, they just think of which interests to target with their Facebook ads.

But there’s actually three components to laser targeting.

Component #1. The Angle

The angle is simply WHY your product is a good fit for a certain person.

Think of an everyday item like a banana. I know it sounds silly. But imagine a banana rack at the grocery store, and it has a sign that says, “Get Your Bananas —  a Great Low-Calorie Snack!”

Now, imagine on the other side of the store, there’s another rack of bananas, but this time it says, “Get Your Bananas — a Great Way to Replenish Carbs After a Hard Workout!”

Two completely different angles for the same product. One marketed as a low-calorie snack, one marketed as a great post-workout source of carbs.

Those messages are going to attract two different people, and they’re going to speak to each person and say, “Hey, this product is for YOU.”

That’s what we mean by the angle, which then leads you to the audience.

Component #2. The Audience

Let’s stick with the banana example.

The angle we choose is going to impact who we target.

Someone in the “Weight Watchers Recipe” audience is probably interested in low-calorie snacks.

Someone in the”P90x” audience would be more intrigued by a good source of carbs, post-workout.

See how that works?

Then it leads to the final component of Laser-Targeting.

Component #3. The Actual Ad

Now we’ve made things simple.

Our ad copy is simply going to reflect the angle we chose and the audience we are targeting.

If we targeted Weight Watchers, we’d discuss why the banana is great for anyone looking for a healthy snack.

If we targeted P90x, we’d obviously change our ad message to talk about how replenishing carbs is important after a workout, and a banana is an easy and great source of carbs.

Compare our Laser-Targeting strategy to what most people do.

If they have a product that’s intended for people who like to fish, they target something like, “I love fishing.”

Can it work? Sure it can. But that’s kind of an old way of doing things and it’s not really as effective.

Check out this example below of how we took a broad product and implemented our Laser-Targeting Strategy.

It’s basically one of those hand putty products that you squeeze.

I really had no clue why people would buy a product like this. I knew that it sold well, but I wasn’t really sure why.

So I went looking for ANGLES.

One of the best strategies to find angles is to look in the reviews of products. See why people bought it. And in the reviews, I stumbled upon a ‘golden nugget.’

This person said they bought it for their sister’s birthday. And she put, “She knits a lot and it helps her hands to play with the dough.” In other words, it helps her sister’s hands recover from from knitting, right? It also says, “It’s wonderful for those with arthritis.”

That’s an angle!

We just took a product that looked so generic and we found an angle: People who knit and/or people with arthritis.

So next thing I would do is go to Google and look for knitting websites.

I found one called the “Ravelry,”  billed as a knit and crochet community. So my next step would be to go to Facebook Ads Manager and see if that’s an interest I can target.


So now I’ve got an angle, an audience, and ad copy. They all flowed from one another.

I can discuss how this product is GREAT if you knit, and helps your hands recover.

We turned a completely broad product into something specific for people who knit.

And THAT is how you give yourself an amazing chance to turn a person scrolling through their newsfeed, into a buyer in your online store.

What to Do Next If You Want to Grow a Successful Store

As you know, targeting and ads are only one piece of growing a successful online store.

You need consistent strategies to find products, and a high-converting store to put those products in. A store that has the right apps, right navigation, and can turn visitors into BUYERS.

And once you get a product selling well, you might need help scaling it up :).

If these are things you might want help with, you’re in the right spot.

Over the last few years, we’ve helped HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs launch and grow their own eCommerce stores. 

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We don’t focus on short team hacks… we focus on long-term strategies.

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We’re a REAL, professional organization, that helps entrepreneurs grow their online stores.

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Thanks again for taking time to read this post.

I hope you got some value out of it ?


PS: If you want our Definitive Guide to growing a successful store, you can read that here.