“We refuse to work with people that suck”

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The customer is always right.”

I read that a department store owner coined this phrase back in 1909.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like THIS generation is a bit different. 

While you always want to make sure to treat customers right and make them happy, it seems that nowadays, business owners are more willing to stand up when they feel they’re in the right.

This is especially true in the online marketing world.

Now there are extreme cases, where people disappear, don’t give promised refunds, and just run a poor business overall.

I’m not talking about these people.

I’m talking about business owners who understand they can pick and choose who they want to work with. 

And not in an arrogant or cocky way — just in a way that shows they understand who their ideal customer is.

I was reading this article recently, and it really made the concept above stand out.

It’s about a marketing firm that made Inc.’s list of 50 best places to work in the United States.

And they do things the way they want.


“Our mantra is that we refuse to work with people that suck …… We even have a suck test for hiring and new clients. When we tell people that, it disarms them and raises a smirk. But it’s a filter, and they get who we are and our style.”

“Some brands fit and are looking for a company like us …… Others don’t and we don’t have a problem saying no.”

How awesome is that?

They have a “Suck Test” when it comes to hiring employees and clients.

In other words, they CHOOSE who they want to work with.

But wait…it gets even better, when it comes to company “perks.”

“Unlimited vacation, monthly allowance for anything that “makes them happy,” a company credit card, flexible work hours, no timesheets (very atypical in advertising) and full transparency in business goals and financials.”

Sounds like a fun place to work :).

In fact, I’d argue that the environment they’ve created, mirrors the type of environment many of us try and create as digital marketers and entrepreneurs. 

– We want to run our businesses the way we want, work with people we want, and not be forced to work with people who “suck.”

– We want to be able to take vacations when we want, have the freedom to work from anywhere, and not be tied to a desk all day.

– We want a flexible “allowance” (aka: more income) to spend on things that make us happy. This could be family, friends, vacations and more.

– We want flexible hours, where we can pick and choose when to get our work done.

It seems that many companies realize what today’s employees are after.

It’s not just the amount the money and security of a job — it’s about work/life balance, feeling like you are part of something special, being valued, and being trusted enough to get your work done, without being micro-managed all day.

This mentality filters all the way down from ownership, to employees, to clients. 

I try and mimic this type of positive and fun environment for my company as well.

At Digital Traffic Ace, one of the things we do is help entrepreneurs start and grow successful eCommerce businesses. 

And we have a GREAT and FUN community, that includes our coaching team and all of our clients.

I think that’s super important if you want to be successful, in all areas of business.


1) If you want to build and grow a successful eCommerce business — click here and let’s talk (I promise we don’t “suck.”)

2) Email me and tell me your thoughts on the types of organizations above — those who create fun and engaging cultures. Do you agree or disagree with this? No right or wrong answers. I wanna hear 🙂