What 12 Months of Running an eCommerce Store Looks Like

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As entrepreneurs, we all have GRAND expectations…

After all, we don’t go into business to just “get by” or “pay the bills.”

Most of us get in business because we see BIG opportunity — whether that’s more income, more free time, or just an overall bigger impact on your life and the world around you.

So naturally, we expect some level of consistency in our businesses, to let us know we’re on the right track.

But what most people don’t realize, is that “consistency” can vary, depending on your business.

But this isn’t a bad thing — and in fact, you can use it to your advantage :).

What I’m about to share with you is something I’ve shared with my highest level eCommerce clients, and I know you’ll find it valuable. 

With an eCommerce business, it’s natural to have ups and downs throughout the year, just like any other business.

Most people can’t stomach this.

If sales are lower one day, they freak out — “something is wrong.”

But here’s a little secret that most people won’t tell you… 

If you just focus on maintaining decent sales throughout the majority of the year, but SCALE when the opportunities present themselves, you can make a lot of $$$ over a 12-month span.

Now what do I mean by “opportunities” that present themselves?

– It could be when a product is REALLY hot and most people haven’t seen it.

– It could be Quarter 4, when people are buying tons of stuff for the holiday season.

– Or it could be other holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc), when people buy stuff.

I get it…

It’s natural to want to make $2000, $5000, or even $10,000 every single day in sales. 

But the reality is if you can just maintain decent profits most of the year, the PEAKS in the year will more than make up for any “downs” you have.

Let’s do a lil’ math…

Let’s say you just maintain making about $300 profit per day for most of the year from your store.

Doesn’t sound too exciting, does it?

We know you can do much better, but let’s be conservative.

If you just average $300 profit per day for the first three quarters of the year, that’s over $82,000 in profit.

But wait…

What if in Quarter 4, you average $2000 per day in profit (you can do much better, but again, just an example).

Well suddenly, in the peak of the year (Quarter 4), you’ve just added another $180,000 to your profit ($2000 per day x 90 days), and now your business has netted you over a quarter of a million dollars for the year.

You just went from about $82,000 in profit to over $260,000 in profit, in a matter of 90 days. 

Not too shabby ;).

Now you can play with these numbers any way you want.

If that $2000 per day in Q4 goes up to $3000, well, you just added another $90,000 in profit to your biz.

But forget the numbers for a sec, because the key to making this all work is being prepared to fully take advantage of the PEAKS when they present themselves.

Making sure fulfillment is ready, you’ve got customer service handled, etc.

Take for example UPS, Toys R’ Us, and any company that sells Honey Baked Ham.

What do these three businesses have in common, even though they all have completely different business models?

They all have PEAKS throughout the year, where they make much more revenue than they do other times of the year.

And they PREPARE for these peaks.

So make sure you treat your business the same.

Don’t sit around on a random Monday and whine because your sales are down $100. 

Focus on just maintaining some decent profits, but being ready to CRUSH it when the opportunities present themselves.

Have you ever watched someone run a marathon? 

You might notice they maintain a steady pace throughout the race.

This allows them to really PEAK when they need to — like at the end of the race, or at certain checkpoints throughout.

Imagine if they tried to sprint the entire race (…kinda like we try to sprint every single day in our businesses).

They’d get worn down, and never have a shot at winning ;).

In fact, they’d likely never even cross the finish line.

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