What does the Store Implementation Program cost?


I get asked this question almost daily…

“What does it cost to join the Store Implementation Program?”

Heck, it’s even a term that gets searched on Google a lot (LOL!).

So I figured, why not address it via an email?

If you aren’t familiar with the Store Implementation Program, it’s where myself and our team of five coaches, work with you over the course of 8 weeks to get a Shopify store up, running, and making sales.

(In fact, most students are making sales within their first 10-14 days.)

With five coaches (six if you count me), we’ve built a WORLD CLASS program (…in my humble opinion).

– We help you find products.

– We review those products with you.

– We get your store up and running (with all the apps, products, payment stuff, blah blah) in 2 hours. Or we optimize your existing one.

– We help you setup your ads and reporting.

– We review your ads and data.

…and so on.

Lots and lots of hand holding and one on one help, which is why we tend to get really good results. 

So now it’s time to disappoint you…

For those who have ever asked what the enrollment fee is, and we’ve declined to answer, here’s why:

– Over time, as more success stories have come in and as we’ve added more coaches, we’ve raised the enrollment fee. I do not want “old” fees floating around the internet. It’s confusing and makes it difficult when we want to raise the enrollment fee in the future.

– This is a program you can only join via invitation from our team. I say this VERY humbly! If we wanted as many people as possible to join, we’d simply throw up a sales page, a buy button, and send traffic.

But that’s not what I set out to build. I like the one-to-one aspect of the program, people getting customized support, and a small community of people getting great results.

Because of that, we ask anyone interested to apply to the program, that way we can see if it’s a mutual fit.

– We are not sure if this program is right for you! Again, I know what you’re thinking. You think we just say that, but really try and bring on tons of people.

And to that, I could introduce you to probably hundreds of people, who we’ve declined for various reasons. Again, I say this HUMBLY. Why would we want to bring on people who are not qualified for the program? They get mad, it brings down the whole community, and no one is happy.

Instead, we politely decline many applications, and point those individuals in another direction. This might be content for them to watch on YouTube or inexpensive courses they can buy on websites like Udemy.

So let’s say you apply and do a call…

If our team member thinks there’s a program that’s a BETTER fit for you, then he will recommend it.

So we find it pointless to discuss any fees, until we know what’s the best solution for you.

Imagine going to a car dealership and saying, “How much does the car cost?”

Sure…in your mind you may have an idea of the car you want, but until you and someone at the dealership discuss your goals, needs, budget, etc, it’s impossible to know which car is right for you, and what the price will be.

You may THINK you want the fancy SUV, but once you get there, you might find that you are a better fit for the smooth sports car.

But I want to provide some clarity for you…

I know many courses, videos, and FB groups stress that you can start and run a successful eCommerce store on a shoestring budget.

$5 per day ads, get started with $50, blah blah…

And while some of that may be true, that is not what we teach inside my program.

No, this is not a $497, $997, or even $1997 program.

To me, if you want to give yourself a REAL chance of success, you should have several thousand dollars set aside. 

This will cover things like ad spend for testing products, misc expenses, and also amazing coaching as you go through the process.

Believe me, I used to be someone that tried to do everything on my own. 

I thought even spending $1000 on coaching was a waste of money.

“Ha, what dummy would do that?!” I thought…

Then I started hiring coaches for various aspects of my business, and my entire perspective changed. 

They knew things I didn’t know…

They could introduce me to people I didn’t know…

They could cut months or years off my learning curve…

And then I kicked myself, and wondered why it took me so long to start hiring coaches. 

(Note: I didn’t really kick myself — that’d be weird.)

So hopefully everything above helps bring some clarity to those of you emailing me and searching on Google :).

Sure, you can try and do this on a small budget.

Do some small tests, take your time, figure it out on your own.

And that’s 100% fine, it’s just not what people who join our program are looking for, and what we’re looking for in them.

We want people to have funds set aside to test ads, to work with our coaches, to buy apps, to REALLY give themselves the resources they need to work towards success. 

If that’s not you, I am 100% okay with that, and hope you stick on our email list to keep receiving our content. I definitely understand we have subscribers that are at various places in their life and business, and we support you no matter where that is.

But if everything above DOES resonate with you, then I invite you to click the link below, take the “plunge,” and apply for our program :).


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