What if Facebook Ads Stop Working? ?

As business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers… I think one of the big concerns that we have… is what if something stops working? 

What if Facebook ads are working really well for you, but they stop working?

Or Instagram ads or Instagram stories…. and it stops working?

When I think of this, I always reflect back to a conversation I had with a client of ours.

This was probably over five years ago, and they run a very successful online cooking school.

They were crushing it with Facebook ads and webinars, which by the way, still works to this day :).

And I remember they asked me…

‘Hey, we’re just concerned. What if Facebook ads just stop working one day?’

And I kind of gave an answer from instinct, kind of off the cuff.

I didn’t preplan it, but I always reflect back on what I told them.

I said:

‘Well… if it stops working, it’s probably going to be because something NEW is working even better!’

And that completely changed their mindset when it came to being fearful of something that might stop working so well.

Instead of thinking…

‘Okay, what if Facebook ads stop working,’ and the mindset being ‘we’re screwed’…

… it became, ‘Oh, if Facebook ads stop working, that’s probably going to be because something new is working even better that we can take advantage of!’

The truth is, rarely will something just stop working overnight — it just EVOLVES!

I always go back to the example of Blockbuster video.

They didn’t go out of business because people stopped watching movies or people stopped paying for movies.

Instead… they went under because the way people watch movies and pay for movies EVOLVED.

People started going to Red Box.

People started paying for subscriptions to get movies in the mail (Netflix).

People started buying movies On Demand, via cable boxes.

Netflix came in and disrupted the entire industry, and Blockbuster was just kind of slow to adapt, or they adapted the wrong way.

It’s the same thing when it comes to your business and the strategies you’re using. 

Chances are if they do stop working, it’s because something else out there is working better, or it’s evolved to where you have to change the way you’re doing it.

And you need to EMBRACE that… and look at it as a positive.

Because now you know if something stops working, it’s because something else is working better.

And that takes away the thought of fear… and replaces it with the thought of OPPORTUNITY :).