When things don’t go right (…the bad side of biz)


Ever notice how on Facebook, things always seem PERFECT for everyone?

Everyone has a great job…

Everyone has the best family…

Everyone is traveling…

Everyone is eating the best meals…

And on and on.

While Facebook does frustrate me sometimes, I actually think it’s a GOOD thing that people share all the positive things happening in their lives.

There’s enough negativity in the world, so it’s cool to scroll through and see all the awesome things happening with friends and family.

But just like we know things aren’t always perfect in life, we also know things aren’t always perfect in business. 

We tend to only see the GOOD parts of business as well.

The successful screenshots, posts about breakthroughs, and more.

But recently a member of our Store Implementation Program had a bad day.

Ads weren’t working well, an app was conflicting with his store, and sales were down overall. And he posted about it inside our community.


You might think I’d run and hide from something negative happening in one of my programs. But in fact, the opposite is true…

I think it’s GOOD for people to see the “bad side” of business sometimes. 

For one, it keeps things realistic.

Secondly, it allows people to see that it’s not just “them.”

Many times when something goes wrong, we think it only happens to us. That somehow everyone else is successful, but we are struggling.

The truth is, when things don’t go right, this is NOT unique to your business. 

For example…

– How do you think the CEO of United Airlines felt when he woke up and learned that a customer was literally DRAGGED off one of his planes?

– How do you think a big chain restaurant at an outdoor mall feels, when they’re shelling out $20,000/month in rent, and it RAINS for 3 straight days?

– How do you think a Mom & Pop clothing store feels, when out of nowhere, their landlord lets a HUGE discount retailer move into the space next door to them?

– How do you think the executives at Chipotle felt, when because people got sick at ONE location, sales plummeted for the company as a whole?

I could go on and on :).

Maybe you noticed that in the examples above, the stuff that happened, was largely outside the control of the people in charge. 

Unfortunately, that happens sometimes.

Just like if Facebook makes a change, it’s outside your control.

But just as these businesses bounce back, you can too. 

My mentor says it all the time…

Challenges WILL hit you — will you hit them back?

Notice it’s not “IF” challenges hit you.

We know they will, but the question is how we respond.

Always something to keep in mind when things aren’t going perfectly.

Or you can just forget about it and post a picture of your lunch…

One of the reasons I LOVE working with the entrepreneurs inside our Store Implementation Program, is because everyone keeps it REAL.

It’s an entire community that supports one another, and that’s SO important when running a business. Sometimes things can get lonely, and having a “team” on your side to motivate you and hold you accountable, is POWERFUL.

If that’s something you need, reach out and let’s talk.