Why Desktop Video Ads Crush It

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People are confused by this, so allow me to explain…

Somewhere in the world right now, a middle-aged woman is sitting on her couch (in her pajamas), watching the Price is Right, and probably ordering one of my products from her laptop.

I could end this email right now, and that could be enough to sell you on desktop video ads.

But let’s go a step further…

On the recent Shopify Case Study I sent out, people seemed AMAZED that desktop video ads were our best performing ads. 

Like I said last week, there is a big misconception that the only FB ads worth running, are mobile.

Everyone says “mobile, mobile, mobile.”

Even Zuck and his crew talk about mobile all the time.

But let’s think about this.

While desktop may not get you the impressions mobile can, you have people engaged on their computer, who can easily watch, click, and BUY.

Even if you pay more for impressions, your conversion rate can offset it and make you more profitable!


Did You Hear?

Inside the Store Implementation Program, we recently had a software built, that AUTOMATICALLY creates video ads for our students.

You simply upload your product images, and within just a few minutes, you get a custom video with music and all, ready to use in your FB Video Ads.

Inside the program, we give you all the tools you need to build a successful Shopify store!

If this is the month you finally take action, and get help building a Shopify store that can make $10,000+ per month, click to learn more.


I know that I personally never buy stuff from my phone.

I’m sure there’s exceptions, but generally I don’t feel like pulling my CC out or logging into PayPal on my phone (this is why retargeting is so important, BTW).

And there’s MILLIONS of people like this — who would prefer to buy on desktop versus mobile.

It’s just easier…

But to do is right, you’ve gotta set up separate ad sets for each.

When you separate your placements, you “force” FB to give you desktop impressions that would ordinarily be sucked up by mobile.

So tell me…

What’s YOUR experience with desktop video ads?

Are you running them?

Or focusing only on mobile?