Why Hallmark OWNS You After Christmas (I’m Copying This)

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You think they’d learn by now…

If you turn on your TV the day after Christmas, 99% of channels go back to “regular” programming.

But ONE sticks out…

The Hallmark Channel.

They pretend like Christmas hasn’t come yet.

They continue to show Christmas movies day after day….

Night after night…

All the way through New Years.

And with good reason.

Hallmark gets RECORD ratings every year during the holiday season.

They’ve become known as the “Christmas movie channel.”

So why stop on December 25th?

People are still in “jolly” moods.

People are off work.

People still have that holiday spirit.

So Hallmark caters to that crowd.

They get tons of viewers who aren’t quite ready for Christmas to end.

There’s two lessons here:

* Lesson 1: When others zig, make sure you ZAG.

At some point Hallmark probably noticed all the other TV stations stopped showing Christmas movies after December 25th. So they saw an opportunity and pounced on it.

* Lesson 2: Copy what other successful companies are doing and use it in your own business.

I’m practicing what I preach, because today I’m extending the “Santa Special” on my Social Sales Growth Forum.

The $1 trial expired last night, but I decided to turn it back on today.

It’ll last tomorrow until midnight.

And then it’ll disappear FOREVER.

Don’t miss out:


(*Note: Depending on when you’re reading this, this offer may have already expired.)


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