Nice to Meet You…

I’m Jeremy – I’m a 35 year old sports and marketing nut from Florida.

That’s me on the right, crushing some pizza :).

I’ve been fortunate over the last few years to grow a business that operates primarily online.

This means no rush hour traffic, late night meetings, or Monday morning blues.

This also allows me to spend more time with my wife and two kids.

How Did I Get Here?

I initially went the traditional route.

I graduated from the University of North Florida, where I obtained my undergraduate and master’s degrees and studied business, management and marketing.

I then entered the corporate world.

I was all set to work 30+ years in a big comfy office, getting to work at 9 and leaving at 5.

As you probably guessed, it didn’t quite work like that :).

I was unexpectedly laid off in May of 2011.

I had a wife and 1 year old child to support, and wasn’t sure what to do next.

Do I start applying for other jobs? Do I try and do something on my own like I’ve always thought about?

Turns out, getting laid off was actually the best thing that could have happened to me.

After leaving the corporate world, I decided to pursue my passions.

I started a digital marketing agency, focused on helping businesses rapidly grow through lead generation strategies and direct response campaigns.

I was quickly able to land some clients when I started out, and used that momentum to grow and expand my agency.

I have worked with all types of businesses, from mom and pops, to large law firms, to multimillion dollar corporations.

In 2013, I launched Digital Traffic Ace (this site), a blog that consists of an audience of thousands of my email subscribers, other marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Even though I’ve been doing this for awhile, I continue to be fascinated by power of the internet…

Think about it…

You clicked something, and somehow found this page — probably all within like 12 seconds.

That’s pretty cool.

A little bit about Digital Traffic Ace…

Digital Traffic Ace is a community focused on providing information, training and coaching to those who want to stay on top of current and cutting-edge online business strategies.

This includes flagship programs, like our Store Implementation Program, where we work with entrepreneurs who are starting and/or growing their eCommerce stores.

All of our programs and training are based around this principle:

YES… the internet gives us amazing opportunities when it comes to starting and growing a business. 

But it still takes time, work, money, and dedication… just like any other business.

That’s why Digital Traffic Ace also has a strong focus on multiple facets of entrepreneurship… including mindset, the achievement of previously unattainable goals, the push beyond your natural comfort level, and the overall planning of your ideal life and business.

More on why this site exists…

After starting my own business in 2011, I had modest goals and a narrow understanding of what entrepreneurs, marketers, and small business owners truly wanted and needed to rapidly grow their businesses.

When I started my marketing agency, I was only focused on providing done-for-you marketing campaigns for businesses, and producing reports that tied it all together.

What I soon realized is that there is an entire marketplace of digital marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to do these things themselves.

They want to learn how to grow their businesses online, or how to grow an online business.

The training and information that has worked within my own business has proven to be effective for many others, while also giving me the ability to test new content and strategies that I can pass along to my email subscribers and followers of this site.

By creating a community centered not only on marketing strategies, but entrepreneurship in general, I have been able to work with thousands of individuals on achieving their goals and implementing strategies in their own lives and businesses. [divider]

Thanks for taking some time to learn more about me, and hopefully we can work together soon 🙂