Why some get results when others don’t (honesty inside)

A customer of mine recently asked a great question, and I’m gonna paraphrase it:

“How can two people take the exact same actions, but one gets good results and one gets poor results?”

He was referring to eCommerce.

If two people research products in the same way, build their store the same way, and setup ads the same way, why is it possible for one to be successful and the other to fail?

This is a question that’s been asked before and will be asked again — especially by start-up online marketers, wondering why some people get great results, but they can’t seem to find success.

Let’s discuss ūüôā

Recently I was reading an article about the most important skill, when it comes to achieving our dreams in life/business.

I don’t know much about this site or the author, but it made a heckuva lot of sense.

So what’s the skill?

No…it’s not Facebook ads, copywriting, or targeting.

Instead, the one skill you need to succeed in various aspects of life, is the skill of LEARNING. 

As the author so eloquently states:

“My Entire Life Changed When I Learned How To Learn”

We tend to forget that learning is a skill, just like any other skill.So what did I tell the customer who emailed me? 

For starters…people learn differently, which may influence how they interpret information, analyze data, and make decisions.

And after discussing this with Digital Traffic Ace team member Lisa, she pointed out this actually starts in childhood:


Why do some babies walk at 9 months and others don’t start until 15 months and others 19 months?¬†

Some pick it up earlier, some have the natural talent for it, some want to catch up to older siblings, some want to perfect each stage… at the end of the day, they all learn and apply what works differently, so it takes a different strategy and different amount of time.

The commonality – they are determined.

They persist and don’t give up until they walk. No matter how long it takes.

We all have the ability to learn any skill we want to.

We need to have the mindset of an infant to persist until we get there.


Well said, Lisa.

In our business, we see different learning patterns all the time.

I still remember about a year ago, when a member of our¬†Store Implementation Program¬†was flustered that he couldn’t find a winning product.¬†

Turned out, he HAD found a winning product, he just didn’t realize it, because he didn’t know how to properly read the data from his Facebook ads.

Once he looked over it with a coach on our team, he realized he had winning ad sets he’d shut off.

From there, he used that product to build a brand that’s done multiple six-figures ever since.

The Bottom Line:

Someone’s past experience, skill sets, and overall learning patterns can influence the actions they take in our program or any other.

(Just like 30 kids may have the same teacher, but they may all read, write, spell, and do math at different skill levels.)

This variance surrounds us not just in business, but in all aspects of life — in relationships, at social gatherings, etc.

And to add even another layer to all this, success is measured differently by each individual!

So the customer who emailed me…his definition of “success” may be completely different than another customer’s.

(Just like someone who goes to the gym and loses 5 LBS might be happy, but someone who loses 30 LBS might not be, if their goal was to lose 50.)

When you combine these variables, (how each person learns, what they individually consider “success” to be, etc) you come to realize how two people can take the same actions, but get different results.¬†

Not only REAL, measurable results…but also their own PERCEIVED results.

People don’t wanna tell you this stuff.

One thing I’ve realized in my 7+ years of business, is most marketers actively avoid telling you stuff like this.

Instead, they prefer to tell you if you just follow each step like they say, everything will work out perfectly.

The truth is, while following a step-by-step approach definitely increases your chances of success, there’s more to it (persistence, learning, existing skill sets, etc).

That’s why we put together a world class team to help you in ALL these areas, as you work to¬†build a successful eCommerce business.