You Only Need 3 Things to Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads

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I had a call with a client a few days ago. 
She was SO overwhelmed with her business. 
And really, I can see why. 
Every single day you are bombarded with new shiny objects in your inbox. 
The latest software…
The newest online course…
But NONE of that actually matters. 
Here’s what I tell everyone who feels overwhelmed with growing their online business.

Being successful with Facebook advertising boils down to THREE things. 

* #1: Finding the RIGHT audience for your product or service (ie. targeting the right interests on Facebook).
* #2: Putting the RIGHT message in front of this audience to bring them into your “sales funnel” (ie. great ads that make people click).
* #3: Consistently following up with this audience through email marketing and retargeting. 
If you do those three things, you have 90% of the elements needed to grow your online business with Facebook ads. 
So the next time you feel “overwhelmed,” take a step back and ask yourself if you’re focusing on the 3 core steps needed to succeed. 
Get those right and it’s hard to fail…

What About You? 

Do you feel overwhelmed with your online business and Facebook advertising? 
Are you worried you aren’t gonna hit your goals in 2016?
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