You Want a Guarantee?


I received an interesting email from a subscriber recently…

It went something like this:

‘You send emails about your coachingĀ program, but if you would GUARANTEE people would be successful, you would get as many sign-ups as you wanted.’

Now, I’m not singling this guy out, because I get similar emails like this all the time.

On the surface, it makes sense.

Just guarantee success to everyone and we’re all happy…right?

Well, no, and there’s so many reasons why.

First of all, we don’t want a bunch of sign-ups to our higher level programs, which is why we only accept students via an application process.

But this is probably the best reason, and you might need to read it twice:

If success was guaranteed, success wouldn’t be possible.

Read it again and really think about that…

If EVERYONE could achieve something…and there was no barrier to success, then the opportunity for success would not exist!

This applies to any area of life or business.

“Sure…just practice basketball for an hour a day in your driveway, and you’re guaranteed to be an NBA superstar!”

Sorry guys, that’s not how it works.

If it did, professional sports wouldn’t exist, because everyone and their mom would be a superior athlete.

The CHALLENGES we face as we try to accomplish a goal, are what makes that goal POSSIBLE.

Ever heard someone say they wanna be a Doctor?

Many people do…

But then sh*t gets real!

They have to go to college, get good grades, take the MCAT, apply to medical school, earn a medical degree, complete a residency, and get licensed and certified!

Throughout that long and tedious process, many people drop out and choose to pursue a different path.

But this is a GOOD thing.

Because all those hurdles are what makes being a doctor possible and prestigious.

And I know what the peanut gallery is thinking right now…

“Okay…good point, but if I put in the work, then I should be guaranteed success.”

I’ll address that too…

Imagine going to Harvard University and saying, “I’ll apply to your school, but only if you guarantee me a six-figure job after I graduate.”

They’d laugh in your face.

And why…?

Because they run one of the most prestigious universities in the entire world.

They know if you get accepted into their school and put in the work, you have a great chance to be successful in the world, with whatever career you choose.

But to guarantee that?


Just like our high-ticket programs.

We know if you come in, put in the work, get help when needed, and are resourceful and coachable, you have a great chance to be successful.

At a minimum, you’ll leave with a fully functional store, up, running, making sales, and the knowledge to grow it.

But it would be an insult for myself or my team to guarantee success.

Because remember — if we could, the opportunity for success would not exist.

And if you wanna be successful, you wouldn’t want that.

Have a great day!