Your “About Us” Page…

If you have a store, have you looked at your analytics recently?

If you don’t have one yet, then this will be super helpful for you. 

This may come as a surprise, but one of the most visited pages on ANY store is the “About Us” page.

Before pulling out their credit card to make a purchase, most people want to know WHO they are going to trust with their money. 

They want to make sure your store is a real business, run by real people, who are going to be there for them in case they need help.

IN SHORT: Don’t have some lame “Coming Soon” message, or a generic story you copied from another store. 

What To Include On Your ‘About Us’ Page:

– It’s not as hard as you think .

– Put a Brand Story, even if it’s super simple. Sharing the actual reason why you started your store can really resonate with people.

– “Brand X was built out of our desire and passion for finding wallet-friendly deals.. We launched in 2018 with a small family-based team, and we continue to grow. Most importantly, we love seeing our customers save money and walk around with trendy looking wallets.”

– Then add some details on how you handle customer service, your promise to customers, etc. 

– Use photos. Unique photos. These can be stock… or real photos of you, your family, etc.

– If possible, add a video, where you discuss you, your company, your story, people who helped you along the way, obstacles you’ve overcome, what you’ve learned as you built your company, setbacks, successes, future goals and vision, and more. Each of the above can be a nice touch. Together, all of them will contribute to building a unique image for you and your brand.

– Links to Contact Us, FAQ, or other pages that might be helpful to your visitors.

Simple enough, right? 

This stuff may seem boring, but it’s what separates the “dabblers” from the actual successful entrepreneurs.

Andddd that’s all I’ve got to say “about” that :).


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