Does FB fly you First Class….or Coach?


Tell me if this sounds familiar… You have an Ad Set doing REALLY well on Facebook, so you decide to clone it so you can start scaling. Yet, when you clone it, the NEW Ad Set performs way differently than your winning Ad Set. If you can relate, I’ve got some advice for you… Now you’re probably hoping I can ... Read More »

I’m sorry…but I’ve just gotta brag

Kida Made a sale MEME

    Ever notice how in life and business, the GREATEST satisfaction comes from others around us doing well? Sure, if we accomplish something, we CELEBRATE that and feel good about ourselves. But compare that to how you feel when someone close to you does well: – Imagine a child getting straight A’s, getting into a great college, and getting ... Read More »

Why Desktop Video Ads Crush It

Finance concept: computer keyboard with Calculator icon and word Video Marketing, selected focus on enter button, 3d render

People are confused by this, so allow me to explain… Somewhere in the world right now, a middle-aged woman is sitting on her couch (in her pajamas), watching the Price is Right, and probably ordering one of my products from her laptop. I could end this email right now, and that could be enough to sell you on desktop video ... Read More »

Be Skeptical of Internet Marketers

Six euro coin on white

If you’ve been in the online marketing world for any length of time, you’ve probably wasted money on a poor course or a bad piece of software. You may have even wasted a pretty penny on some coaching or a mastermind. In general, you’ve likely seen outrageous claims and promises of BIG results, with little work. For all these reasons ... Read More »

This is Not Normal…

Diet decision concept and nutrition choices dilemma between healthy good fresh fruit and vegetables or greasy cholesterol rich fast food with a man on a crossroad trying to decide what to eat for the best lifestyle choice.

So recently a member of my team was speaking to someone about potentially joining our Shopify coaching program. We felt they were a good fit… They felt they were a good fit… So we invited them to join. And they wanted to “think about it.” Pretty normal reaction — in fact, we are wired this way, to find any reason possible ... Read More »

Myth of the Online Millionaire

  If you were to judge peoples success by what you see in your Facebook newsfeed, you would come to the conclusion that there’s a lot of “millionaires” in the internet marketing world, wouldn’t you? Here’s the scary part… If I told you how many of these MHC’s (people who constantly post about money, houses, and cars) are one bad week away ... Read More »

PLEASE… just go watch Shark Tank

Years ago, when I first discovered this whole “online marketing thing” (circa 2008), one of my favorite bloggers said something that didn’t fully resonate with me until recently. It was something like, ‘Don’t try and work with everyone. Just focus on the 1-2% who you can really help, and who really WANT the help.’ I used to think, “That’s DUMB!” I want ... Read More »

Online Business and Childbirth (One in the Same)


  Believe It Or Not, Both Have a LOT in Common Hey, If you’re currently running a business, have tried different strategies, or are just ingrained in the online marketing world, this will make a lot of sense to you. Today I want to share with you the cold hard truth about running an online business. And the crazy part is ... Read More »

In Their Own Words: Wai-Leng, SIP Graduate


Sometimes the most powerful stories, are those written by actual students and clients here at Digital Traffic Ace. That’s why today I’m proud to share with you the story of Wai-Leng Leung, an entrepreneur who joined our Shopify Implementation Program at the beginning of the year. I asked if we could do a Case Study, documenting her success. She decided ... Read More »